The Shepherd (period supernatural horror, early financing)

When a Navajo family betrays an healer, he vows to destroy the entire clan. A powerful but greedy clan leader struggles to save his family, unaware his beloved young daughter is called to the darkside herself. (as co-writer)

Awards and achievements:

  • Semi-finalist in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2019, Horror category. One of the top 31 entrants out of 4000 screenplays submitted.
  • Official selection of the Frontières International Co-production Market 2020.
  • selection for Cine Qua Non Lab Script Revisions, July 2021.

Learn more about the project here.

Good Girl, Bad Girl (Niña Buena, Niña Mala) – thriller, in development

When a vandal destroys property in a sleepy Puerto Rican town, a little girl sets out to find the criminal and become a hero. Her capture surprises her, and she struggles with how to enact justice on a person no one ever thought capable of evil. (as co-writer)

Awards and achievements:

  • second round judging for Sundance Development Track 2020
  • pre-selection for Hubert Bals Fund 2020
  • official selection of the 16th Annual Latino Media Market at NALIP, 2020.
  •  accepted into the Cine Qua Storylines lab, May 2021. This is a lab designed for narrative feature film projects from early concept to treatment stage.

Dear Gina, Wish You Were Here, Love Jesús (black comedy, episodic limited series)

When her husband is arrested for a Ponzi scheme, a riches-to-rags Southern Belle joins a group of hippie nuns, and competes with her mom for the love and affection of a homeless violinist named Jesús.

Awards and achievements (as feature screenplay):

  • advanced to second-round judging at Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab 2016
  • won “Best Romance” in the 7th  annual Oaxaca Film Festival, 2016. It competed in the categories of Best Romance, Best Original Concept, and Best Overall Screenplay

How to Eat Pho (feature, black comedy)

A dying ex-porn star tries to unify his estranged daughters through staging an elaborate funeral, Viking style.

Awards and achievements:

  • advanced to second-round judging at Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab 2016.

King of Nothing (feature, black comedy)

After a prophetic visit by the ghost of his circus monkey, an aging ex-circus clown sets out to resurrect the circus of his glory-years by stealing cereal coupons.

Joan of Arkansas (feature, comedy)

Despite their age differences, Steve and Trinh have one thing in common: save their small town theater from destruction. These two geeks travel back in time to get Joan of Arc to star in their play. What they don’t count on is Joan’s attraction to playing for the high school football team, and what she overcomes to do it.